About Dr. Gardner

James C. Gardner, MD, is in private practice in Marin County, California. His clinic provides preventative medicine services, as well as care for acute illness, chronic disease and emotional disorders. Dr. Gardner is especially concerned about the toll that emotional dysfunction takes on physical health and overall quality of life. He is an author and university lecturer on anxiety, depression, and the grief response, and teaches medical students and physician assistants as a clinical instructor at Stanford University and UCSF Schools of Medicine.

Dr. Gardner holds undergraduate degrees in Biology and German from Stanford University, and postgraduate degrees from UCLA and UCSF Schools of Medicine. As founder and medical director of the Anxiety Toolbox Program, he consults with a wide variety of experts in a number of fields who are part of an extended Anxiety Toolbox family. These include psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, sports trainers and athletes, financial planning experts, exercise and yoga trainers, alternative medicine practitioners, theologians, spiritual counselors, and many others. Their voices and advice are heard throughout the pages of the Anxiety Toolbox Program.

Dr. Gardner and his co-author, Dr. Art Bell, have written two books on the subject of anxiety, panic, depression, and phobias. By clicking the links below, you can learn more or order these books through Amazon.com. They are also available through your local bookstore. If it is not in stock, the bookstore can order more copies if you supply the ISBN number which is shown under the photo icon.

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Other books by Dr. Gardner:

James C. Gardner, MD

Interview on Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Treatments

Overcoming Anxiety, Panic, and Depression; New Ways to Regain Your Confidence

Recognizing that physical wellness is greatly influenced by our emotional health and spiritual frame of reference, I have focused some time and effort in better understanding these inter-relationships. A well person is  not simply someone whose labs and physical exam came out normal, but someone who has integrated all aspects of themselves, mind, body, and spirit

Phobias and How to Overcome Them, Understanding and Beating Your Fears

Our second book, “Phobias and How to Overcome Them; Understanding and Beating   Your Fears,” was published in January of 2005. The writing of this book was another opportunity for me to expand my understanding of emotional dysfunction and the larger human condition.